Covid-19 Policies

During these uncertain times, we wanted to let you know about the precautions we are taking here at SteelCore to continue to provide you with the best and safest customer service experience we can, while also ensuring the safety of our staff and contractors.

Prior to the Pandemic we had (luckily) relocated all of our raw goods inventory as well as finished goods inventory on site. This means we have complete control over our product from our door to yours.  Products are being handled by the fewest pairs of hands and under the safest conditions possible.

Proper hand washing protocols are in place; work areas are being cleaned prior to preparing shipments; and vinyl gloves are being worn when touching actual products.  Products will arrive in plastic wrap, and you will be the first to touch them.

Any returned items will be cleaned by UV-C light wands, the preferred method currently suggested for soft goods.  Items will then also have their own 14-day quarantine, before bring repackaged and returned to our inventory.

SteelCore Studio®

How you protect me 

When you enter the SteelCoreStudio, you will receive a touchless temperature check, a recent travel history form and a health check form to fill out. 

A 2-to-3-layer cloth or surgical facemask must be worn at all times while inside the studio.  Bandanas and scarves will not be accepted as proper face coverings.

Hand sanitizer will be provided, and we encourage its use!

How I protect you 

I will also be wearing a mask as described above, as well as vinyl gloves to teach. 

All commonly touched surfaces in the studio will be cleaned between each client, in addition to equipment used.

Foot loops and handles will be cleaned or switched out between clients.

An additional 15 minutes between clients has been added, to accomodate cleaning and social distancing.

Doors and windows will remain open whenever possible, for increased air flow.

A floor-to-ceiling curtain has been installed to separate our studio space from others within the building during our sessions.

A UV-C Air Filter has been added to the restroom/changing area.  That room will be cleaned after each client's use, as well as providing soap and paper towels for hand washing.

Two True Hepa Filter/Carbon Filter/ UV-C Air Purifiers have been added to the studio, changing the air every 15 minutes.