SteelCore History

Founder and Designer Marisa Cerveris



After 30 years of dancing, in 2001 I stepped off the stage, retired from performing, and moved with family to begin a new life away from New York City. 

 I began to follow my second great passion, clothing design. The natural progression that brought me from student to performer, to motherhood, to teacher, has greatly influenced my designs of comfortable and flattering dance, fitness and lifestyle apparel for myself to wear in my active lifestyle, and for others with the same demands for their clothing.














You might remember my first line of clothing that I began while I was still performing, ByMarisa Dance Wear.  It features couture design and classic lines in luxurious fabrics and colors. The dance wear was seen on dancers in ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" and Sony Pictures film, "The Company," starring Neve Campbell, and the CW network's "Breaking Point."



 The Company



When we later settled in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, home of the former Bethlehem Steel plant, I felt that the brand needed to reflect more of my new home.  We changed the company name to SteelCore.  Our company is devoted to the idea that Strength Comes from Within®, which by the way, is now our trademarked tag line!   Incorporating today's fashions into studio-to-street wear, SteelCore began by using up-cycled fabrics manufactured by the once large textile industry in Lehigh Valley.








SteelCore's latest addition to our line, our SteelCorePlanet Organic and Sustainable products, was born out of a desire for the brand to have a smaller ecological footprint.  Working with a textile chemist to develop exclusive certified organic cotton stretch knit fabrics on the East Coast resulted in an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric that was knit in the USA, saving not only import costs, but also ensuring that no insecticides were ever going to be sprayed on the fabrics due to export or import to our country.


I personally oversee every step of production, supporting many artisans and businesses in our community and beyond.  This completes our goal and my promise in 2008 during an economic downturn, to continue to manufacture in the United States  ... "fiber to finish" ...  at an affordable price.  


I made this promise to then-Presidential candidate Barack Obama , when he visited local industries here in Bethlehem, PA -- I had an amazing opportunity to speak with him and share ideas for supporting American companies and local workers.  Our conversation prompted an article in The Huffington Post.   As the manufacturing community here continues to grow, SteelCore is proud to be a part of it.

 My latest enterprise has been the creation of my studio, SteelCore Studio® in Bethlehem, PA.  In an intimate setting, I am able to coach a variety of students ranging from the serious pre-professional ballet dancer to the ageless swans of the adult ballet world.  I am so grateful to be able to share all of the information I was lucky enough to receive during my many years in the professional dance world in this mutually rewarding and inspiring way.

Now, in 2020, I  am finally combining my clothing with my teaching under one roof.  Soon you will be able to study and shop during the same visit.  If you live or vacation in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, come visit us!