Foot Care For Dancers

Foot Care For Dancers

Blisters, calluses, bunions, oh my!

Yes, those precious baby toes that are just so scrumptious you could eat them up, later take the brunt of our abuse in the studio and on the street.

These are a few of the staples I always carried in my bag to be prepared for anything my toes could dish outLater when I bashed my toe on a pilates reformer the day I had to attend the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall, I relied on my past experience to tape and pad and remove the pressure of a broken toe so I could slip on my killer heels and party with Broadway’s elite.A well placed corn pad can go a long way my friends, along with a strong arm of my Tony award winning brother, Michael.

Just in case you think a retired dancer can never reveal her toes ever again…              they look pretty good now!


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