The sales and shopping frenzy of preparation for summer trips brought quick notes and inquiries from our loyal customers from near and far. The truth is I LOVE hearing from all of you and am always eager to put down my scissors and chat a while with you. I'd like to share a communication I had with one of SteelCore's first customers from a show we did in 2012, when the ink in our logo was barely dry.

Hi, Marisa, I remember meeting you at a Pilates conference many years ago when I first bought your clothing, they have remained my favorite pairs of pants ever ... your leggings are the most comfortable, functional leggings I have ever worn, ever. What makes your stuff so much cooler is when it comes, you write a little note on the receipt, how lovely is that?!?! Thanks, SA

PS: you should know I was invited to something by Lululemon and they asked us to bring our favorite pair of pants, they were interviewing us to find out what we liked and didn’t like about different clothes and I brought your pants so of course you know they’re not copying anybody’s anything, but I told them that I had never worn pants that fit like yours, don’t give the camel toe situation, and they last forever... I still have my first pair of leggings from you. They can’t do what you do 😉

Everyone needs a little encouragement and support and we appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

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