As I walked down my street today, my BIRTH-DAY, I looked up and saw this beautiful "sign," and yes, anyone who knows me knows that I believe the universe is always sending me signs and roadmaps ... I just don't always listen.

Like most professional dancers, at a very young age I had a dream of becoming a  ballerina, joining a major ballet company, traveling all around the world doing what I loved, and getting paid for it. Well, by 20 I was doing that. Then, I wanted to get married, move out of the city, and start a family.  By 40, I had done that, too.

Next, I wanted to launch my own apparel line; design and manufacture, source and develop my own fabrics; present my line at places like Harper's Bazaar and Lord & Taylor in New York City; wardrobe "Dancing With The Stars" and, oh yeah ... meet the President.  By 50, I had done that.

Then, as usual, the road I was following rounded yet another bend. On my morning walks, I found myself dreaming up ballet combinations, thinking of pilates and yoga exercises and imagining a place  for me to share what I know.  In this past year I have created that space, SteelCore Studio. It's a small movement studio where I can help guide others with information I've been lucky enough to have been given.

And so today, as I launch a new website and embark on my first blog, in a new direction, I hope to find something helpful to say, to share, to offer to others who are also looking for their new direction, their true North.

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