We wanted to create a fabric that is ideal for you and the planet.  We worked with a textile chemist to create our special recipe of organic ringspun cotton and spandex, creating a superior quality organic cotton that works equally well for active and lifestyle clothing.  SteelCore pays attention to the ‘not so small’ details like opacity, construction and fit. Our organic blend comes in three weights, and all are 4-way stretch. We knit our fabric in mills located in the USA (yes they do still exist, and we want to keep them here), and of course, all our design and production also happens right here at home.

 “Fiber to Finish,” it’s all Made in America.   That’s important to us.                              
  • Lightweight:  90%  Cotton - 8% Spandex    
  • Midweight : 90% Cotton - 10% Spandex
  • Heavyweight: 87% Cotton -  13% Spandex

machine wash cool - tumble dry low 

fabric softener YES -  bleach  NO

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